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Father's Day Mass and Breakfast (30 August 2013)

posted 1 Mar 2014, 04:26 by Sean Brown

On Friday 30th August, our school celebrated Father’s Day with our traditional breakfast and Mass. Thank you to our mums and friends who helped organise the breakfast for our dads.

 During Mass, some of our students shared their thoughts about their dads.
“I love my dad because he protects me and loves me.” – Sienna (Year 2)
“I love my dad because he tickles me a lot!” – Luca (Year 1)
“My dad is funny because sometimes he pretends he’s a ghost. I love my dad because he loves me.” – Lauren (Year 1)

“I love my dad because he helps me and takes me to the footy and plays games with me.” – Patrick (Kinder)IMG_0884.JPG
“My dad’s great because whenever I’m sad he tickles me until I get really happy again.” – Patrice (Year 3)

“I love my dad because he’s always there for me and never has anything bad to say about anyone else.” – Jasmine (Year 5)
“I love my dad because he’s the most caring, supportive dad in the whole wide world. My dad and I always have a bit of a laugh and a chat when we have the chance.” – Emily (Year 6)