Bulldogs Well-Being Visit

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School uses World Cup fever to help those less fortunate

posted 27 Jul 2014, 18:11 by Sean Brown   [ updated 7 Aug 2014, 22:46 by Trent Johnston ]

St Therese Catholic Primary Padstow's school community (left to right) Grandfather Lewis Tulissio, Year 5's Dean Tulissio, Year 3's Sienna D'acciaro and mum Josephine D'acciaro enjoy their school's World Cup Breakfast.

Football fever gripped St Therese Catholic Primary Padstow students despite their favourite team Australia bowing out early in the 2014 World Cup and Germany being crowned as the World Champions.

The World Cup was an incredible month of football, and with all eyes focused on the event that stops the entire planet, students from St Therese took it one step further and came to school dressed in green and gold in support of those less fortunate.

Religious Education Co-ordinator Sean Brown said that the school made the most of the World Cup and organised a World Cup Breakfast fundraiser as well as a host of footie-themed activities to raise money and provide a helping hand to the St Vincent de Paul Society.

"With the World Cup being such an international event, and so many students at St Therese from a non-English background, the teachers and students thought it would be fun to get into the spirit," Mr Brown said.

"It was a fantastic morning to take advantage of the spectacular tournament and fire up the hearts and minds of students and get them excited about helping those less fortunate," Mr Brown said.

As the school's 200 students and their families watched the replay of Australia's elimination at the hands of Netherlands, the Tulissio family said it was great to draw on the enthusiasm of the World Cup to help those in need.

With flags from many nations flying, the sun shining, and the students showing off their soccer skills, there was a great atmosphere at the event.

Each student brought in a warm blanket or a gold coin donation to help raise more than $300 for the Charitable Works Fund and support the St Vincent De Paul Society's Winter appeal.

Catholic Schools Week

posted 27 Mar 2014, 17:33 by Sean Brown   [ updated 27 Mar 2014, 17:37 ]

Last week we had a very busy week highlighting Catholic Schools Week, but more importantly our wonderful school.

Monday - The week started with a ‘Prayer Square’ to launch CSW and our theme for 2014 ‘Stay Sharp … Make your Mark.

Tuesday - The Sport Captains led Sport for Justice during break time, a great initiative from our leaders that was very well received by the younger students. Thank you to our school Sport Captains who organised and ran this event. The smiles on the faces of the students who participated in this event showed just how much fun they had!

– Professor Maths visited and provided the students with fantastic hands on mathematical learning experiences that were challenging and fun.

– We celebrated Mass as a whole with Fr Maurice Thompson .Thank you Fr Maurice. Following this we had a very successful open morning for families seeking enrolment in 2015. Many of the visitors commented on the warm welcome they received from our student leaders as they were escorted around the school and they appreciated the hospitality and that was provided by the P&F. Thank you to the parents who took up the invitation to attend the Maths Workshop and Art Show, your support is always welcome and valued by staff and students.

We also marked International Women’s Day through our annual Project Compassion Art Competition. The theme for this year’s art competition was “Inspiration Women”. All who visited the exhibition last Friday would agree that it was fantastic to see such diverse and original artworks. Thank you to all of the students and teachers who worked so hard to create artworks for this year’s competition. Thank you especially to our teachers who put in a few hours of overtime after school on Thursday to make sure that our exhibition was ready for the Grand Opening on Friday morning.

Father's Day Mass and Breakfast (30 August 2013)

posted 1 Mar 2014, 04:26 by Sean Brown

On Friday 30th August, our school celebrated Father’s Day with our traditional breakfast and Mass. Thank you to our mums and friends who helped organise the breakfast for our dads.

 During Mass, some of our students shared their thoughts about their dads.
“I love my dad because he protects me and loves me.” – Sienna (Year 2)
“I love my dad because he tickles me a lot!” – Luca (Year 1)
“My dad is funny because sometimes he pretends he’s a ghost. I love my dad because he loves me.” – Lauren (Year 1)

“I love my dad because he helps me and takes me to the footy and plays games with me.” – Patrick (Kinder)IMG_0884.JPG
“My dad’s great because whenever I’m sad he tickles me until I get really happy again.” – Patrice (Year 3)

“I love my dad because he’s always there for me and never has anything bad to say about anyone else.” – Jasmine (Year 5)
“I love my dad because he’s the most caring, supportive dad in the whole wide world. My dad and I always have a bit of a laugh and a chat when we have the chance.” – Emily (Year 6)

Book Week Parade (August 2013)

posted 1 Mar 2014, 04:24 by Sean Brown   [ updated 1 Mar 2014, 04:25 ]

Last week was Book Week in many schools and libraries across Australia. St Therese had a visit from Ms Noble from Padstow library at Monday’s assembly. She spoke about the benefits of joining the library and her favourite shortlisted books.

On Wednesday afternoon, popular children’s author and editor, Sue Whiting, spoke to students in Years 3-6 about her passion for writing. Thanks to Bankstown City library for this wonderful opportunity.

Our Book Week parade took place on Thursday morning. Children were encouraged to dress-up as a character from a book and were asked to carry a copy of the book that their character was from. Following the parade the students took part in a Book Week trivia challenge.

The Veritas Airshow (12 August 2013)

posted 1 Mar 2014, 02:41 by Sean Brown   [ updated 1 Mar 2014, 04:28 ]

Students at St Therese Catholic Primary School, Padstow, were encouraged to reach for the skies to help celebrate National ScienceWeek earlier this month.

Students spent lessons with science specialist John Burfoot learning aspects of flight and were given time to design projects for an airshow at the school on Monday, August 12.

Mr Burfoot said the older students looked more closely at Bernoulli’s principle of lift, while Kindergarten displayed balloon powered flying toys.

“For many of the students at our school, this may well have been the only opportunity to come so close to any of these elements of flight – some may even want to pursue it as a hobby or even a vocation as a result,” he said.

A big thank you must go to the following experts, without whom the day could not have happened: Tim
Banicevich (NSW Rocketry Association), Adrian le Gras (NSW HGPA), Alan Taylor (Northern Beaches Hang Gliding Club), Kevin Barnes (Parramatta RC Aircraft Club) and Miniature Aero Sports NSW.

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