School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS)

Our school community has identified the following school rules to teach and promote our high standards of responsible behaviour.

Be Safe
Be Respectful
Be a Learner

At St Therese Catholic Primary School we are committed to implementing a School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) approach to the teaching and management of student behaviour.

SWPBS approach means that we:

  • use data to track progress and identify areas for intervention;
  • use school wide expectations and rules in specific settings to explicitly teach appropriate behaviour;
  • use a positive incentive program to encourage appropriate behaviour and use effective consequences to discourage inappropriate behaviour.

Incentive Program

The following school wide Incentive Program is expected to increase the percentage of children identified in the Green Zone of the Behaviour triangle, while decreasing the numbers of students identified in the Yellow and Red zones.

Type 1: Ozzie Playground ‘Gotcha’ cards

Children are to be given ‘Ozzie Gotcha Cards’ for any display of general positive behaviours on the playground.

The child takes the ‘Ozzie Gotcha’ card back to their classroom where the teacher records the award on a class list.
Once children have collected 10 playground ‘Ozzie Gotcha’ cards they are awarded with a Bronze Ozzie Award at assembly.

Type 2: Ozzie Classroom Reward Systems

When children consistently follow class rules and try his/her best, the child will be awarded with a stamp or token. Once the child has received 20 stamps on their ‘Ozzie Class Chart’, they will be awarded with a Bronze Ozzie Award at Assembly.

Silver Ozzie Awards

When a child has earned 4 Bronze Ozzie Awards (from the classroom and/or playground) they can be presented to the Principal in exchange for a Silver Ozzie Award. The bronze certificates are stapled together and indelibly marked to avoid being reused.

Gold Ozzie Award and Ozzie Badge

The Gold Ozzie Award and Ozzie Badge will be an ‘ultimate’ reward given to students who continually do the right thing in the classroom and the playground. An Ozzie Badge and Gold Award can only be awarded after earning 4 Silver Ozzie Awards.