For Parents

At St Therese School, we are proud of the community we have around us. All of those involved in the school actively seek ways to build and enrich relationships with other people. During 2015 the school was involved in a Cyclic Review process. Staff, parishioners, parents and students had the opportunity to express their views about the school.

The comments reflected great satisfaction and a great sense of partnership that exists between the school, parents and parish.

Parents identified strengths in the great sense of community school spirit. The students valued the good teachers and the great friendships they have formed at the school. Staff comments highlighted satisfaction with the community that exists at the school and the support given to them in building their capacity as teachers. 

We encourage all students, parents, staff and parishioners to be actively involved in the life of the school.

Parents and Friends

There is a high level of parental interest, support and involvement at St Therese. There is an enthusiastic and active Parents and Friends’ Association which supports the school by way of fundraising and is also involved in decision making in the school. Parents assist in the classrooms, the library, with reading, sport, excursions, the school Finance Committee, Sacramental preparations and at parish/school social events.


St Therese School provides an educational program based on, and taught in accordance with the NSW Board of Studies syllabuses for primary education. The Key Learning Areas (KLAs) are English, Mathematics, Science and Technology, History, Geography, Creative Arts and Personal Development, and Health and Physical Education.

St Therese is a Catholic systemic school administered by the Sydney Catholic School (SCS) Sydney. Curriculum, teaching and learning are informed by the priorities, goals and indicators outlined in New Horizons for Sydney Catholic Schools, in particular: Key Area 2 (Students and their Learning) and Key Area 3 (Pedagogy). Religious Education is a key responsibility of every Catholic school. Students at St Therese follow the Religious Education curriculum of the Archdiocese of Sydney.

Staff members at the school are committed to continuous improvement of teaching and learning in all facets of the school curriculum.

Stage teachers work collaboratively to plan, program and evaluate all aspects of teaching and learning. Mentoring and release time are provided to the stage teachers when substantial changes are being made to teaching programs. A school culture of accountability, review and improvement is firmly established. Annual target setting is used to improve overall school effectiveness. Data analysis is utilised and includes analysis of school based and external assessments.

St Therese Policies