Student Well-being

Our Basic Expectations

We respect ourselves by:

  • Being honest
  • Trying our best
  • Taking responsibility for our own actions
  • Wearing the correct uniform  

We respect others by:

  • Including others in games and activities
  • Greeting adults and others on the playground and in classrooms
  • Using our manners at all times
  • Keeping our hands off each other at all times
  • Being aware of people’s personal space
  • Speaking respectfully at all times
  • Being honest
  • Supporting others when they are in need 

We respect our environment by:

  • Keeping all school areas tidy
  • Using the bins for all our rubbish
  • Asking for permission to use other people’s belongings
  • Not having graffiti on any of our own belongings or school property
  • Looking after nature

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