The School's secular curriculum is set by the NSW Board of Studies.  This course of study includes English, Mathematics, Human Society and its Environment, Science & Technology, Creative & Performing Arts and Personal Development Health & Physical Education.  The Religious Education Program is set by the Archdiocese of Sydney.

Within the total  curriculum is the formal Religious 
Education Curriculum.  In the Archdiocese of Sydney,
this is called 'Celebrating Our Journey' supported by 
the texts 'To Know Worship and Love'.  It focuses on the children's growth in religious knowledge, skills, values
and attitudes over the years of primary schooling.

The teachers' Religious Education programs are based
on this curriculum document.  Central to it are the 
children's own lived experiences, scripture, the doctrines 
and traditions of the church, and celebration through 
prayer, the Eucharist, and other forms of worship.

The Religious Education curriculum itself is divided into
seven sections, one for each year of Primary schooling. 
Every year has a major theme and includes 8 basic units
that provide a framework for classroom work.  
Sacramental Programs are school based and 
are implemented under the guidance and direction of
the Parish Priest.

English is the most critical academic key learning area
in the primary school.  Students develop skills in 
expressive and receptive language through the strands
Speaking & Listening, Writing & Representing and Reading & Viewing.

The study of mathematics in the primary school curriculum incorporates Number & Algebra, Measurement & Geometry and Statistics & Probability.

Topics covered in the primary school include personal, family and community history, local community history, British colonisation and Indigenous people and the development of an Australian democracy.

Topics covered relate to Places, People, Environments in Australia and across the world.

2019 Term 3 Curriculum Overview

The Creative Arts K-6 Syllabus forms part of a K-12 continuum, providing foundational learning in the art forms including Visual Arts, Music, Drama and Dance in  Years 7-12.

Here at St Therese, we are most fortunate to offer these specialist skills in the primary school context.

This involves learning to develop an active, healthy lifestyle, developing skills in inter-personal relationships and 
positive values, attitudes and beliefs, and participating in
regular physical activity.

It is expected that all children will participate in a support program offered by the school.  These programs support 
the K-6 Syllabus.

Swimming Lessons    Years 1 - 3
Surf Awareness          Years 5 - 6
Gymnastics                 Years K - 6
Athletics Carnival       Years K - 6
Swimming Carnival    Years 3 - 6 Elective