For Parents

As a Catholic community, we are committed to the understanding that all people have the right to be treated with respect and courtesy and that all people have the right to feel and remain safe. Fundamental to our responsibility is our recognition of the need to guide the children towards self-control and self-direction, promote constructive and positive behaviour and attend to misbehaviour. In helping children to develop socially acceptable behaviour, it is essential that the school, home and community work together.

There are many opportunities for parents and caregivers to become volunteers. These include:

  • MultiLit tutors
  • Helpers at excursions and carnivals
  • Canteen help
  • Library support

The SPORT DAYS for each class for 2017 are:

Kindy:     Tuesday | Wednesday
Year 1:    Tuesday | Friday
Year 2:    Tuesday | Friday
Year 3:    Thursday
Year 4:    Wednesday | Friday
Year 5:    Wednesday | Friday
Year 6:    Thursday | Friday