Community & Parish

The students have the opportunity to represent St Therese at the annual ANZAC Day Memorial March. Representatives from the local RSL Sub-branch also attend school-based commemorations of ANZAC and Remembrance Day.

Weekly Assemblies
The human heart loves to celebrate. Celebration reminds us who we are and who we long to become. St Therese is a place of celebration. We celebrate

The values of respect and responsibility underpin the policies and procedures of our school.  The weekly assembly continues to be a forum for promoting these values through acknowledgement of country, singing the National Anthem, commemorating historical events, celebrating religious feast days, recognising the Students of the Week and acknowledging students who have displayed positive playground behaviour.

Mini Vinnies
Mini Vinnies is a program for young people and is associated      with the St Vincent de Paul Society.  Mini Vinnies creates             awareness among our students about issues within and
beyond our community.  It reinforces the mission of Vinnies and provides an avenue for effective initiatives and responses.

St Therese Parish Mascot is a Catholic parish in the  Archdiocese of Sydney.  A strong relationship exists between
the parish and the school.  A weekly Children's Liturgy is 
offered at the 10:00am Sunday Mass during the school term. 
This provides an opportunity for students from the school and
parish to participate in the Gospel at the child's level.  The 
Sunday Children's Liturgy is held in the school library and is 
facilitated by staff of St Therese with assistance from members 
of the parish community.  Specific class liturgies for each grade
are held on Sundays, with sufficient notice provided.