Mission Statement

At St Therese Catholic Primary Mascot, the school community works together to provide a stimulating and challenging environment in which students grow in knowledge and understanding of their Catholic faith. All students are encouraged and supported to achieve success in their learning and to develop skills that empower them to make a difference in their world.

Our School is a Place of Celebration 
The human heart loves to celebrate. Celebration reminds us who we are and who we long to become. St Therese is a place of celebration. We celebrate our rich history, the beauty and sacredness of each one within our school community and the love of our God for all. In simple ways like birthdays, and whole community actions like liturgies, we celebrate all aspects of life.

Our School is a Place of Quality Learning & Teaching
St Therese School is a place of quality learning and teaching, where young people are supported in developing their awareness and acceptance of their personal strengths and limitations. All within our school are invited to live life to the full. In doing so, they will be able to take their place in building a just and fair society.

Our School is a Place of Belonging
All people need to belong, to feel that they are known and appreciated.  Our school, in partnership with the Parish, works to build a community of belonging, where all young people and adults feel welcomed, valued and safe.

Our School is a Place of Respect & Justice
Justice and respect are values at the heart of our Catholic School.  Our school is a place where all people are held in high esteem and where all are encouraged to speak and act with justice and respect towards each other.

Our School is a Place of Peace
A peaceful environment is a place where individuals accept and acknowledge differences and positive relationships that are built on respect and empathy. Our school is a place where conflict resolution reflects negotiation and active listening. It is a place where we endeavour to develop resilient people who communicate with each other so as to sustain a harmonious environment.