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The values of respect and responsibility underpin the policies and procedures of our school. The morning assembly continues to be a forum for promoting these values through the weekly flag-raising, singing of the National Anthem, commemoration of historical events, celebration of religious feast days and acknowledgement of students who have displayed positive playground behaviour.

The students have the opportunity to represent St Therese at the annual ANZAC Day Memorial March. Representatives from the local RSL Sub-branch also attend school-based commemorations of ANZAC and Remembrance Day.

Mini Vinnies

Mini Vinnies is a program of the St Vincent de Paul Society which exists within our school. Mini Vinnies creates awareness among our students about issues that exist around them whether that is in their community or beyond. It reinforces the mission of Vinnies and instils in them the opportunity to be compassionate and run simple, yet effective initiatives, with their school peers so together they can make a difference.

Sydney Night Patrol

Social justice outreach is a very important aspect of belonging to a Catholic School Community. The St Vincent de Paul Society runs 'Sydney Night Patrol', a program which aspires to provide those living in the inner city with compassion, support and a sense of community through good works and companionship. As a community, St Therese supports this program. We provide food once a month to the Sydney Night Patrol headquarters in Lewisham where it is taken to the homeles in the inner city. Each month, we seek food and donations of money which are used to purchase fresh fruit and milk. Families can be involved by donating food items which can be brought to school at any time. Food items which are needed are:

Box of Muesli Bars

Box of Le Snacks

Biscuits (not chocolate)

Fruit Snack Cups

Individually packed lunch chips

Large plains cans of tuna

Small fruit juice (Poppers or juice bottles)

Baked cookies / muffins