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St Therese's Primary School at Mascot is a Catholic systemic school within the Archdiocese of Sydney. It is a large, inner-city school supporting a significant multicultural, multilingual population.

Our school is governed by the Vision and Mission of Sydney Catholic Schools. We also draw inspiration from our religious founders. Our Patron, St Therese of Lisieux, was a French Carmelite Sister. Her 'Little Way' encourages us to live simply, act with love and courage and to do little things well. Originally from Italy, the Scalabrinian Congregation of Priests serve our Parish. The Scalabrinians have a special ministry of working with migrants and refugees. This encourages us to foster cultural harmony and to demonstrate empathy for those who have relocated from across the world. Our School Motto of Love and Courage is at the heart of our work.

St Therese School has an overarching educational philosophy built over three years (2014-2016) in conjunction with staff, parents and students. With our school mantra, "Learning is our passport to the future", we are influenced by three principles; Engage, Connect and Grow. These principles apply to all members of our community; students, staff and parents.  

Our school operates with twenty-one classrooms. Our children have access to specialist staff who are trained and qualified art, music and sport teachers. Private piano and guitar tuition are available. Pathways are open to children with sporting talents where they can progress from school, to cluster, regional, state and national levels of competition. Lunchtime clubs operate and change according to the age, needs and interests of the students. Extra curricula opportunities involve the 'showgroup' dance troupes, a chess competition and interschool debating. Involvement in Mini-Vinnies and social justice activities builds an ethos of 'service' for others.

Parents are involved in the Sacramental programs of our Parish and alongside teachers, work as partners in the religious education of their child. There are three formal avenues of parent involvement at St Therese. The Parents and Friends Association (P&F) are the main fundraising and social arm of the parent body. The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) - comprising eight members- work in conjunction with the principal to review school policy and to be a sounding board on a variety of matters. The Fathering Project promotes strong, life-giving relationships between fathers and their children.

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2019 Term Dates

Tuesday 29 January (Staff)
Wednesday 30 January (Students) - Friday 12 April 
Thursday 31 January (Kindergarten - half day)
Friday 1 February (Kindergarten - half day)

Monday 29 April (Staff)
Tuesday 30 April - Friday 5 July

Monday 22 July(Staff)
Tuesday 23 July - Friday 27 September

Monday 14 October - Friday 20 December

2020 Term Dates
Term 1
Tuesday, 28 January (Staff)
Wednesday, 29 January (Students) – Thursday, 9 April

Term 2 
Monday, 27 April – Friday, 3 July

Term 3
Monday, 20 July – Friday, 25 September

Term 4
Monday, 12 October – Friday, 18 December
Permission Notes
           Year 6 Mini Vinnies Activities
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          Term 4
           Year 5 Camp
           Year 1 & 2 Swim Program Note
           Year 3 Swim Program Note
           2019 Year 6 Surf Awareness Note
           2019 Year 5 Surf Awareness Note

    Other Information
               2020 St Therese Dance Show Troupe
               Staffing 2019
               Enrolment 2020
               Assessment and Reporting of Student Progress
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               Tuition Fee Letter
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               School Fees, Levies & Charges 2019
               Bake & Shake Roster 2019

2019 Years 1 to 6 Supply List

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