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Easter Egg Hunt

posted 29 Mar 2017, 20:41 by Denise McKiernan

The Easter egg hunt will be held on Thursday 6 April and children are invited to wear mufti in return for a gold coin donation.  The funds raised will go to Project Compassion to assist Caritas to help the needy in Australia and overseas.  The prizes in the Easter Egg Hunt will be a ticket in the Easter raffle.

The raffle tickets will be on sale at recess and lunchtimes in Week 10. Each ticket will cost 50 cents or 3 for $1. Thank  you to those who have contributed to the Easter raffle.  The more Easter egg donations, the more prizes we can have for the children.  Donations can be handed to the school office.



posted 29 Mar 2017, 20:40 by Denise McKiernan

During Term 1 the students have been having dance lessons with the Dance Fever Group.  They would love to show you what they have learnt.  There will be a display on Thursday 6 April at 2.00 pm in the school hall.  All classes will show their talent and parents are most welcome to come along and enjoy the show.


First Reconciliation

posted 29 Mar 2017, 20:29 by Denise McKiernan

Today the Year 2 and those making their Reconciliation for the first time had a day to reflect and prepare for their First Reconciliation.  They will receive this Sacrament next Wednesday.  Could you please keep them in your prayers.


posted 15 Mar 2017, 18:51 by Denise McKiernan   [ updated 15 Mar 2017, 18:54 ]

FIRST RECONCILIATION:   Wed. 5 April  7pm in St Therese's Church        CONFIRMATION:   Sun 18 June 11.30 am Mass

FIRST COMMUNION:     Sun. 17 Sept. 11.30 am Mass



posted 15 Mar 2017, 18:48 by Denise McKiernan

Little Ways Play Group

This Friday the first gathering of the Little Ways Play Group will happen at 9.00am in the Music Room under the Library. The play group is open to the wider community and the gathering of the local mothers and toddlers should have a wonderful time together. This is an opportunity to reach out to others of different faiths and build community. Ms Tess would love mums and toddlers to join the group each Friday morning at 9.00am. in the Music Room.


A Generous Community

posted 12 Dec 2016, 16:26 by Denise McKiernan   [ updated 12 Dec 2016, 16:27 ]

Parents be proud of your children.  Two weeks ago the Mini Vinnies members supervised the St Vincent De Paul Christmas Appeal.  They went into the classrooms explaining the needs of others and asked for donations.  The children from Kinder to Yr. 6 raised $167.  A wonderful response, keeping mercy alive in our hearts.  I am constantly touched by the generosity of families in our community.  Your children learn from you and your giving to others.  I thank you.

At this Friday’s assembly, the Mini Vininies members are presenting a SPaR (stop, pray and reflect).  Their thoughts, feelings and reflections on helping others are put into this presentation of ‘HOPE’.  If you can attend, you will be delighted by their commitment to our community and the wider community.  Come and write GENEROSITY, GIVING, HELPING on a mercy heart to put on our ‘Tree of Mercy’.  I will be outside the hall to assist your from 2pm.

God bless our families, Tess Family Educator


ABOUT catholic schools

posted 27 May 2015, 16:16 by Danielle Lewis

The CEO publication that informs us about what is happening in other schools is now available on line. Click HERE for the link. 
Website is

Clothing Pool

posted 8 Feb 2015, 19:34 by Danielle Lewis   [ updated 29 Mar 2017, 20:25 by Denise McKiernan ]


The clothing pool is up and running again this year.  We take this opportunity to thank Mrs Kumar for her time and enthusiasm in providing this service for parents.  We are sure parents appreciate her efforts. 

The clothing pool will be open on

   Tuesday 8.30am to 9.00am and

Thursdays 2.30pm to 3.00pm

As most items are priced between $1 and $10, please be sure to bring small change


PBL's at St Therese School

posted 8 Feb 2015, 19:33 by Danielle Lewis   [ updated 29 Mar 2017, 20:31 by Denise McKiernan ]

In 2015 St Therese’s School has embarked on a new program of student management called Positive Behaviours for Learning (PBL)

 What is PBL?

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) is a whole school program that actively promotes positive behaviour. It enables students to develop a clear understanding of required expectations, become responsible for their own behaviour and work together to create a positive, productive and harmonious learning community. Our school-wide expectations are represented with a bee: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be a Learner. 

PBL is a data driven program. Therefore, what we learn from the data, such as, specific inappropriate behaviours which we need to address, affects what we do throughout the school in PBL. Each week, the school will have an area of focus that involves explicit teaching and support of positive behaviours. Teachers and students will participate in lessons that involve discussion, role-play and reflection. It is important for the students to be able to identify what each behaviour looks like, feels like and sounds like, so that they can respond appropriately to requests and directions.

Our school-wide PBL focus defines our expectations for all settings at St Therese’s Catholic Primary School.


Kindergarten enrolment

posted 8 May 2014, 02:57 by Danielle Lewis   [ updated 29 Mar 2017, 20:43 by Denise McKiernan ]

Enrolments are now open for 2018. If you have a child ready for school please attend at the office and collect an enrolment package. If you have neighbours or relatives with children ready for school next year please pass the word around. Interviews will commence next term.

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