School Features

St Therese’s Primary School has a number of special features that together contribute to the uniqueness of the school:

  • Well resourced, air conditioned classrooms
  • At least one electronic device for every two students with internet and school network access
  • Interactive Whiteboards in all classrooms
  • Regular school assemblies that celebrate the academic, sporting and social achievements of students, and provide opportunities for student performance.
  • A well resourced library
  • Up-to-date and informative websites for parents and students
  • An active Student Representative Council
  • Regular participation in University of NSW competitions
  • Participation in a wide range of school, cluster and regional sports activities
  • Stimulating and relevant excursions that support classroom learning
  • Uniform shop selling new and second-hand uniforms
  • Participation in many community competitions
  • A variety of specialist teachers including English as a Second Language, Music, Special Needs, Reading Recovery, Librarian and Gifted and Talented
  • Teacher’s Aides (Learning Support Officers) support teaching and learning programs in the classroom
  • Weekly playgroup for preschoolers
  • Security fences on all boundaries
  • Well equipped parish hall available for use by the school for assemblies, sporting activities and meetings.
  • Peaceful school chapel for class, staff  and parent prayer.