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Parents as Educators - requirements for working with children at St. Therese's (updated 2020)

The participation of volunteers in school activities is greatly valued at St Therese’s Catholic Primary School. As a school community we encourage parent and other adult support and assistance in classrooms and acknowledge that effective volunteer programs assist school–home relationships and enhance children's learning.

At St. Therese's we believe that the role of classroom volunteers is to:

  • To liaise with teachers and provide individual and group support to the education of children within the school
  • To provide a helping hand for various class activities within the school and on excursions where appropriate
  • To support particular educational needs of children in a wide variety of classroom activities

Volunteers may be sought to assist with:
  • In class activities
  • School excursions
  • School fundraising initiatives or school maintenance (Working Bees)

Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) requirements include:

  • Numeracy Pack Contents
    • Hundreds Chart
    • Number Line
    • Numbers 1-20 (digits)
    • Numbers 1-20 (words)
    • Numbers 1-20 (picture representation)
    • Ordinal language (language)
    • Ordinal language (numbers)