Our School


St Therese Parish was formed in 1948, with Fr John O’Donovan the first parish priest. The establishment of a Catholic school was very important for the new parish. In February 1951 the editor of the Denistone Parish Newspaper announced:

“With the important event of the opening of the new Kindergarten and Infant School on Tuesday 30th January, 1951, the “Little Flower” parish of Denistone emerged into new life and the much desired opportunity of a truly Catholic education within easy reach for your little ones is now an accomplished fact.”

The school was opened with an enrolment of 40 children and was conducted by Sr M Colette Mantova and Sr M Evangelista, from the Sisters of Mercy (Parramatta congregation).  The first classrooms were in the church of St Therese, which served as a school during the week. In 1952 a new church-school was built.

The 1950’s and 1960’s were a period of strong growth in the Catholic population and by 1968 St Therese’s had their highest enrolment of 197 students – girls from Kindergarten to Sixth Class and boys from Kindergarten to Third Class. Extensions were undertaken in 1972 to cater for the increased numbers.

The gradual increase of government funding from the late 1960s allowed for the employment of more lay teachers, so that in 1969 there were two nuns and five lay teachers. Eventually in 1974 the parish farewelled the Sisters of Mercy from the staff and the Catholic Education Office appointed the first lay principal, Mr Peter Bradshaw, who took over in 1975. Another change in the late 1980s was the provision of primary school for boys to Year Six.

In the 1990s there was a considerable physical improvement of the school. In 1992 an amphitheatre was erected on the site of the old presbytery and during 1996 the whole school community was moved to St Michael’s School at Meadowbank, while an extensive program of refurbishment and building occurred. The new school building was blessed and opened in 1997 by Bishop Geoffrey Robinson.

In 2010-11 another building project occurred under the Federal Government’s “Building the Education Revolution” stimulus scheme. The administration area was rebuilt with a new library above. The hall was enlarged and a new canteen and storage areas were built. Modifications were made to each classroom and a large central learning space accessible and viewable from all classrooms was established. The work actually created more playground space for the children.

Past Principals

  • Sr. M Colette Mantova rsm 1951 - 1956
  • Sr. M Clement Aisbett 1957 – 1961
  • Sr. M Agnes Ball 1962 – 1971
  • Sr. M Perpetua Hume 1972 – 1974
  • Mr. Peter Bradshaw 1975 – 1977
  • Mr. Greg Nethery 1978 – 1981
  • Mr. John Ryan 1982 – 1989
  • Mrs. Joan Sattler 1990
  • Mrs. Lydia Ferguson 1991 – 1992
  • Mrs. Patricia Williams 1993 – 2000
  • Mr. Peter O’Sullivan 2001 – 2007
  • Mrs. Rita Kolibac 2007 (Acting)
  • Mr. Steve Borthwick 2008 (Interim)
  • Mr. Brian Story 2009 – 2013
  • Ms. Sue Barrington 2013 (Acting)
  • Mr. Adam Nolan 2014 - Present

School Facilities

St Therese’s Primary School has been recently revitalised to provide the children with a high quality, contemporary learning space. The school site is fully air-conditioned. Classrooms all have operable walls, allowing for flexible learning. Each classroom is easily visible from outside. The Year K-4 classrooms surround our large gathering space known as “The Learning Centre,”  as well as the newly refurbished Library. This space is used as a break out area for small and large groups of children to work in whilst being easily seen from each classroom. It also a wonderful space for whole school assemblies, with plenty of room for parents and friends.

The wireless network installed in 2010 allows students to interact with small technologies throughout the school. Each classroom has an interactive whiteboard and the children have access to over 40 Apple MacBook laptops whilst another 15 desktop computers are spread across the school. These are used throughout the day across the school.

The new library is a focal point for literacy and research for the school. With comfortable furnishings it is an area much loved by students, teachers and parents. The school has a performing arts centre for music and drama activities and a hall which is used for gymnastics, dance and various meetings. The new canteen is open for lunches 3 days per week.

The playground has been designed to fully utilize the available space. The large play equipment area and trampolines are great features of the playground. There are extensive shade areas for children who like to play in quiet, shaded areas whilst the court space is a focus for the more active games which many children enjoy playing during breaks.

Special Features

  • An authentic Catholic Primary school with the person of Jesus Christ as our centre and inspiration
  • A Catholic community that supports and promotes the development of the whole child in faith and learning
  • A small school within a welcoming community
  • Close links with the parish community
  • Committed, enthusiastic, professional and dedicated teaching staff
  • Teaching programs that cater for a wide variety of learning styles and abilities
  • Technology, easily accessible for all classes
  • Interactive Whiteboards in all classrooms
  • A modern, well-equipped library set up for 21st century learners
  • Networked computers in each classroom with internet access

  • Performing Arts Centre
  • A well resourced Special Education program
  • Reading Recovery program
  • Reading Support program
  • Gifted and Talented opportunities through a differentiated program and enrichment activities
  • A ‘buddies’ program for Kindergarten children
  • Public Speaking Competition for Kindergarten to Year 6
  • Guest speakers and performers to extend the children’s learning experiences
  • Intensive swimming program Kindergarten to Year 6