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Student Well-being

St Raphael’s community strives to live our mission on a daily basis, our mission is to live in a spirit of harmony and be messengers of hope and healing. A large part of this is our restorative approach to relationships. At St Raphael’s we aim to have the whole school community work together using the language of Restorative Justice. This allows the children to name what they have done, name the effect that it has had on others and name what may restore the relationship. If we work together as one, we can achieve great things and bring our mission to life.

Life at St Raphael’s

At St Raphael’s we endeavour to provide opportunities for students to develop in many different areas such as leadership through the class representative roles, Evangelisation Team (E Team) , Mini-Vinnies, school and sport captains, library, SPBL and environmental monitors. The opportunity to be an altar server is offered to all students who are interested in Years 4-6, this service is a valuable opportunity to also contribute towards the life of the Parish.  The Garden Club provides the students with the opportunity to grow fruit and vegetables and experience selling the produce to the school community to raise funds for social justice initiatives. Classes visit St Bede’s residents at the nursing home across from the school, and this provides the students with a wonderful opportunity to get to know  the elderly in our community The Lunch Club offers students an opportunity to learn skills that help them to be a great friend to others. The Buddy System is a support program that nurtures strong positive relationships between the older and younger students so that they are cared for in the best possible way during their time at school.