Learning Support

To cater effectively for the needs of all students at our school, we offer a range of special programs. Selections of these are outlined below.

Literacy & Numeracy Support

The Literacy & Numeracy support occurs across all classes from Kindergarten to Year 6 and is designed to cater effectively for the diverse learning needs of all our students; including academically gifted and academically talented students.

The emphasis of the program is on supporting the individual learning needs of the students. The support varies from withdrawal in some cases for specific lessons, differentiated programs, small group work, and the use of computer technology to individualise learning. The support teachers co-plan with the class teachers and share the responsibility for student learning in all aspects of the teaching and learning cycle.

Special program for Students with Special Needs

This program is for students who have been identified by a health professional or educational psychologist as having special needs in categories such as a language delay, cognitive delay, hearing or vision impairment, physical disability, Autism Spectrum Disorder and mental health.

The school receives additional funding in the form of a Special Education Teacher to support these students through extra time and an Individual Adjustment Plan outlining their learning priorities and goals for the year. A collaborative approach is used between school staff and parents to determine the adjustments, programs and resources required to meet the individual learning needs of these students.

EAL/D Support (English as an Additional Language or Dialect)

Support is provided for “English as an Additional Language or Dialect" learners. These students are a diverse group in various stages of gaining competency in the English language. Based on assessments of language proficiency, some EAL/D students require and receive extra support predominately in the curriculum area of English and also in the development of the language of mathematics.

Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is a program designed to provide intensive one-on-one intervention for children in Year 1 who are below expected levels in reading. The program enables the students to improve quickly and catch up with their peers by receiving one to one, individually designed lessons of 30 minutes for up to 20 weeks. Students are identified and selected for the program after extensive data collection and analysis.

Lunch Club

This social skills program is run once a week for small groups of students to help them develop their skills in coping with different social contexts. The aim of the group is to teach specific social skills in a relaxed, fun way to further assist them in dealing with playground and class social situations.


The Seasons Program is designed to support children experiencing grief and loss due to separation, divorce, death or trauma. Children participate in eight sessions with a trained tutor in a small group situation with other students.


The school has access to counselling  which provides support for students experiencing difficult situations; anxieties or relationship issues.

Speech Therapy

The school has access to a Speech Pathologist who works with individual students who require speech therapy. Parents pay for the therapy to take place within the school environment. This allows teachers access to the expertise of a specialist and the immediate integration into the total learning program of the specific learning strategies for the students.

If possible, it is encouraged that all specialists work with the students at school during the normal school day.