For Parents

School Advisory Council

The work of the Council is to provide feedback and wisdom in relation to

broader areas of challenge for the school community. The Advisory Council is selected by the Principal and consists of up to six parent representatives and a parish representative.

St Raphael's School Advisory Council is a forum that consults, listens and works together to achieve common goals in the school and parish community. These goals include discussing local community issues and needs, increasing parent engagement, strengthen community relationships and to network with the wider Catholic educational community in the Archdiocese to optimise educational opportunities for students.

The School Advisory Council provides recommendations, support, feedback and is accountable to the Principal.

The Advisory Council is responsible for the Enrolment and Finance Committees at the Principal's request.

Parent Representatives In Each Class

Parent Representatives in each class act as a sub-committee to the School Advisory Council and assist the Council to work in collaboration with the School Principal and the Parish Priest to:

  • Strengthen the partnership between family, school, parish and wider community for the benefit of children's learning and development.
  • Find ways to help all parents/carers feel included and valued.

The Role of the Class Parent Representative is to:

  • Help build a sense of community between parents, teachers and children in their child's class through:
    • Being available as a contact for parents in their child's class and arranging a social function once a year eg. morning tea, dinner at a restaurant, picnic in the park during the holidays.
    • Welcoming new families to the school and farewelling families that are moving on.
    • Organising assistance for the class teacher when requested.
  • Helping to organise a fundraising or school event that the parents/carers in their class take responsibility for and/or sharing a whole school event with other classes.
  • Meeting informally with the Principal to access information, share ideas and co-ordinate events.
  • Assist in the organisation of special events for their child's year e.g. an Evening Information Session for Year 6 parents on the transition to high school.

Parent Involvement in the School

Parent workshops are held each term on various curriculum areas, as well as family well-being programs. These workshops help parents become more informed of the various aspects of life at St Raphael's.

Parents Forums are held by the Catholic Education Office each term for all parents to become more informed of the "bigger picture" in Catholic Education. These forums offer a unique opportunity for parents to network with other parents across the Sydney Archdiocese.

Parents are integral to our St Raphael's community. They, together with the teaching staff, form a significant partnership in the education of their children. Wherever possible we invite parents to become involved in many aspects of the life of the community.

This involvement provides many opportunities such as working in the classrooms with the teachers, working with individual students on specific programs as a parent tutor, being part of committees such as the Enrolment Committee, being on panels for the selection of staff e.g. Assistant Principal, being a Parent Class Representative, being a member of the Advisory Council, attending excursions, helping at various special events and actively contributing to the prayer, liturgy, sacramental and faith life of the school.