School Review and Improvement

​The School Review and Improvement is a set of linked processes of review, planning and implementation designed to enhance the quality and effectiveness of Catholic schools within the mission of the Church and the Archdiocesan "Vision Statement for Catholic Schools".

Central to each school's ongoing development is the strengthening of a culture of review focusing on students and their learning, specifically the quality and effectiveness of learning and teaching, the school's Catholic identity and the religious, spiritual and other dimensions of school life.  In the Archdiocese of Sydney, every three to five years, each school undertakes a formal process to develop a three to five year strategic plan based on effective and rigorous plans for development and improvement. Each year, the school undertakes a set of structured processes which provides for the systematic implementation and ongoing evaluation of agreed strategic intents.  A copy of St Raphael's School Strategic Improvement Plan 2016-2020 is available at the school administration office. The new Strategic Improvement Plan 2016-2020 was formulated in 2016 as a result of the Cyclic Review process conducted in 2016.

The Review and Improvement Framework for all Systemic Catholic Schools in the Sydney Archdiocese focuses on 5 Strategic Priorities.  Each Strategic Priority has its own vision and includes areas of Key Improvement, which  guide the direction and focus of Sydney Catholic Schools over the next three years. 

Each school chooses to select a number of Strategic Priorities and areas of Key Improvement as the key focus for school quality and improvement initiatives for a particular year. At the completion of each year, the selected Strategic Priorities are measured by the extent each of the Key Improvements are delivered by the Indicators of Progress linked to each Key Improvement.