History of St Raphael's

St Raphael's Primary School began with the arrival of four Sisters of Charity in 1929. They held classes in the Church, as many schools did in those days, on verandahs, in local houses and even in a tennis shed.

On 14th September 1952, the Sisters opened a new school. It continued to expand throughout the sixties, and by the early seventies the school needed four demountable classrooms to cater for the extra numbers.

By 1990, all buildings were in a state of disrepair and a submission was made to the Federal Government for assistance to refurbish the original building and erect three new classrooms, administration and staff facilities. The submission was successful and building commenced in 1994. The new St Raphael's was officially opened and blessed by Cardinal Clancy on Sunday 10th March, 1996. A refurbishment of K-3 classrooms took place in 2008, with a further refurbishment of Year 4-6 classrooms in 2009 and the library in 2012. A new $2.1 million multi-purpose facility (Hope and Harmony Place) was completed in 2011under the Labor Government's Building the Education Revolution. With the opening of this new multi- purpose facility, we laid the foundation and tradition of using the facility to strengthen and enliven the work of our founding order, the Sisters of Charity, whose charism is "to bring to each person the love, the tenderness and concern of Christ to all, seeing Christ in everyone they serve".

In asserting our vision for Catholic Education for the future, it is fitting to build in the firm foundations laid by the Sisters of Charity who staffed the school from 1929 to 1974 and the many lay teachers who worked with them in building our Catholic identity and providing excellence in education for the children of St Raphael's.