Parent Volunteers


The participation of volunteers in school activities is greatly valued at St Patrick's Primary School. As a school community we encourage parent and other adult support and assistance in classrooms and acknowledge that effective volunteer programs assist school - home relationships and enhance children's learning. 

St Patrick's values the family - school partnership with the aim to facilitate student learning and motivation. The school runs a workshop yearly to familiarise parents with school policies and practices, Child Protection and Evacuation Procedures. 

As a school community we value the time, energy and skills that volunteers bring to our students and School Community. We encourage volunteers in our classrooms and at school events and acknowledge how effective these supportive programs can be on  a student’s wellbeing and learning.

In order to volunteer in the classroom, at swimming or sports carnivals, on school excursions or at P & F events, all parents, carers and grandparents are required to complete the Sydney Catholic Schools Safe Schools Accreditation Process outlined below.

  • The school will organise and deliver a face-to-face induction session for all prospective parent volunteers, wishing to volunteer.
  • All parent volunteers are required to attend the induction session annually.
  • The school will provide each parent volunteer with a copy of the Volunteers Child Safe Communities Resource Kit, which sets out relevant information relating to student safety. This will be provided digitally via email and as a link on the school website.
  • All parent volunteers are required to sign the ‘Safe Schools Expectations Undertaking and return it to the school office. The document will be secured confidentially at the school.
  • The ‘Safe School Expectations Undertaking’ is to be renewed annually, or as and when there are any changes in the volunteer’s circumstances, whichever occurs earliest.
  • The Principal will then determine approval or non-approval and document the outcome on the ‘Safe Schools Expectations Undertaking’ document.
  • The School will communicate the outcome to the prospective volunteer.
Dates and times for the parent volunteer induction sessions will be advertised in the school newsletter.