The Parents and Friends (P&F) have been reformed under the new title of St Patrick's Parent Group. This group seeks to work collaboratively with the school community in an engaged and positive manner to support the development of the students and the school. 

The meetings are held each term and are enthusiastically attended by parents and key members of teaching staff. These meetings are held out of school hours to ensure maximum engagement with a wide range of parents. Our meetings provide the opportunity for parents to share ideas, ask questions and provide feedback. All tabled issues are recorded in the minutes, which are distributed to the school community.

The Parent Group has been an integral part in the life and culture of this school over many years. It has a long history of providing invaluable financial and practical support for the school. It also promotes social fundraising activities to ensure opportunity to build relationships within the school and raise funds to support school initiatives.

The Committee for 2019 is:

  • President: Stephen Hickey
  • Vice President: Rudi Loggenberg
  • Treasurer: Dan Carty
  • Secretary: Liam Nevin
The Parents Group Committee can be contacted via email on

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