2020 Enrolment - Enrolling Now for 2020 Kindergarten, Year 4, 5 & 6

2020 Enrolments                                                                                                                                                                                                          Important Dates for 2020 Enrolment                        

March 4 - March 10 2019: Catholic Schools Week

March 6 2019: OPEN AFTERNOON 3.30-5.30PM 

March - May 2019: Enrolment Interviews

All applications returned to School Office ASAP

Mid-June 2019: First Round of 2020 Enrolment Offers posted.

(To Be Advised): Kindergarten Orientation in School Hall including morning tea.

Enrolment Procedure 2019

In order to process your application we require the following:

  • A completed Application for Enrolment  (can be picked up at the School Office between 8.30-3.30pm Monday-Friday)
  • A copy of Baptism Certificate
  • A copy of Birth Certificate
  • A copy of Parents photo identification
  • A copy of Passport if your child was born overseas 
  • A copy of Passport for either parent born overseas
  • a copy of Immunisation History Statement (if you have misplaced this form please contact Human Services 1800 653 809 to obtain another)
  • Most recent previous school reports, NAPLAN results and other external test results (where applicable) 
  • Relevant medical information as necessary
  • A non-refundable lodgement fee of $80 (no eftpost available, cash or cheque accepted)
Once finalised, please return the completed forms, copies of required documents and the lodgement fee to the school (by post or in person). An interview time with the Principal will then be arranged.

The interview will be approximately 30 minutes in duration.

Following the interview, you will receive a letter indicating whether a place will be offered for 2020. This letter should arrive in July. Once you receive an offer of placement it is most important that you respond by signing the tear off slip acknowledging acceptance or decline the offer and returning it to the school with any other notes and a $100 deposit which will later will be deducted from Term 2 fees.  This should all be returned to the school as soon as possible or by the due date stated in the letter.

Who can Enrol

Children from all families who support Catholic ideals and principles may be considered eligible for enrolment in a Catholic school. Priority for enrolment is given in the following order:

  • Children of Catholic families, who are actively involved in the parish on which the school depends.
  • Children of Catholic families residing in other parishes in which they are actively involved.
  • Children of families affiliated to churches in communion with the Roman Catholic Church, such as the Maronite Church.
  • Children of Catholic families residing within the parish/parishes on which the school depends.
  • Children of Catholic families residing in other parishes.
  • Children of Orthodox or other Christian families.
  • Children of families of other religious convictions.
  • Children from non-Catholic backgrounds are accepted in most schools, but will depend on vacancies and local policies. If you are not Catholic and seek to enrol your child in a Catholic school, please call the Principal of your desired school for further information.
School Fees

Payment methods are BPay, (details are printed on school account slips), Cheque or Cash.

We look forward to meeting you and your child.