At St Patrick's we: 

Form Hearts, Build Minds, Transform Lives
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Our Vision

As a committed Catholic community founded on the charisim of St Patrick and Mary Mackillop we:

Form Hearts
By recognising that we are made in the image and likeness of God and commit ourselves to celebrating Christ's life-giving presence among us.

Build Minds
Through the inspiration of the Spirit and working collaboratively to build deep knowledge and skills for lifelong learning, and to foster a commitment to our Catholic faith.

Transform Lives
By providing educational opportunities that empower us to make a difference in our world and encouraging the development of the whole person in celebrating Christ alive in us.

Values that Underpin our Vision 

We are inspired to be inclusive, showing love and respect for all members of our community.

We are inspired to take responsibility for our actions by being honest and courageous, while fostering the dignity of each person.

We are inspired to 'love one another as God has loved us' by reaching out to those in need. 

We are inspired to treasure, conserve and share all God's gifts that have been entrusted to us. 

Our Mission

Loving God, Loving Learning, Loving Each Child, Loving Others

In partnership with our community, we commit ourselves to the Catholic education of our students by 
  • Recognising that Jesus is central to our lives
  • Celebrating being Catholic in Australia by upholding the beliefs, traditions and practices of our faith
  • Living our Catholic values of compassion, justice, integrity and stewardship within a faith-filled community
  • Working to serve others in the spirit of love and acceptance
  • Rejoicing in cultural diversity