For Students

Student Wellbeing - Restorative Justice

St Patrick's Primary School has adopted the Marist Youth Care Restorative Justice approach to managing student behaviour and discipline. The Restorative Justice Program is a holistic school commitment to building and maintaining quality positive relationships.

As a Catholic Primary School guided by the motto 'Nourish, Nurture and Grow in Christ', St Patrick's Primary School endeavours to provide for each member of the community - students, parents staff and clergy – the experience of high quality interpersonal relationships of care and support. It is acknowledged that from time to time in any community, relationships can be damaged in various ways and to varying degrees.

St. Patrick's Primary School is a community that promotes the resolution of conflicts between community members and the restoration of relationships. The Restorative Justice Program at St. Patrick's provides a framework within which this can be achieved. Restorative Justice at St. Patrick's is based on the belief that when relationships are harmed by working with the students, teachers and parents involved these relationships can be restored.

Restorative Justice provides a multi-level approach to problem-solving. While still providing limits and consequences, it looks for ways to repair the damaged relationships and improve existing relationships. The Restorative School believes in the "Three R's" - Relationships, Responsibility and Relevance. Restorative Justice aims to foster healthy and resilient school communities.

Student Leadership

Leadership carries with it an important responsibility to serve others. As young leaders, students at St Patrick's Primary School are encouraged not only to develop their own leadership skills but also to inspire and assist other students to do the same. We believe good leaders develop leadership in others.

Our student leaders at St Patrick's aspire to:

  • Uphold and promote Catholic values
  • Demonstrate pride in the school
  • Make a positive contribution to their school
  • Being a role model for other students by upholding the school rules
  • Show initiative and demonstrate organisational skills
  • Communicate effectively and be able to speak to an audience confidently

School Captains, Vice Captains and School Leaders

School Captains and Leaders' duties include welcoming visitors to our school, attending ANZAC Day ceremonies, heading the SRC, presenting at school assemblies and meeting with the principal on at least two occasions per term.

Sports Captains

Duties for Sports Captains include organising play equipment for the students at Recess and lunch from the Sports room; preparing cheers for the Swimming and Athletics Carnival; preparing and presenting a Health Hustle each week as part of the school's fitness program.

Mini Vinnies

The Mini Vinnies Team consists of students that take on a leadership role in the classroom and across the school, promoting good works and taking action towards social justice, that reveals the face of God. The group meets weekly to learn about social justice issues, develop leadership skills and engage with the wider St Vincent de Paul Society. The team provides an excellent opportunity for students to work with their peers in a group context to help those less fortunate in our local and wider community. Mini Vinnies is offered to primary students in Years 3-6 within the school.