For Parents

Parents and Carers

St Patrick's welcomes the opportunity to work collaboratively with parents in a wide variety of ways. There is a high level of parental interest and involvement in the life of the school.

Some examples of the different ways parents may become involved are:

  • assisting in classrooms
  • taking reading groups
  • helping with excursions and resource making
  • acting as officials for sporting events
  • fundraising
  • volunteering to assist in the uniform shop.

All parents are encouraged to become involved in their child's learning. At the beginning of each year,  parents are able to undertake two processes to enable them to volunteer at our school. Participation in these processes is essential for parents who wish to assist in our school. 

Parent/Teacher Communication

At St Patrick’s we believe that parents are the first and most decisive educators of their children. Communication between parent and teacher is vital in the development of your child and is strongly encouraged by the staff of St Patrick’s. The school sends home each term a Parent Communication Link which highlights the key learning for that term. Written reports are sent home in Term Two and Term Four.

Parents are invited at the commencement of Term One to attend a 10-minute meeting with their child’s teacher to ‘meet and greet’. These interviews are an opportunity for you as a parent to share any information you have on your child that would be of benefit to the classroom teacher. Interviews also take place at the end of Term Two. Parents and teachers may request an interview at any other time should the need arise. Teachers are available out of class time to meet with parents by appointment. Should you have any concerns or wish to discuss your child’s progress, simply contact the school to arrange a mutually convenient time.