St Patrick's Catholic Primary School is distinctive in its religious dimension that 'endeavours to provide the Catholic community with a wide choice of high quality education for their children.' St Patrick's, as other Catholic schools in Sydney, share the vision of being committed to the development of the whole person within the education setting. The best learning experiences for children occur when a strong partnership exists between parents, school, parish and the community.

St Patrick's Primary School views education as a lifelong process which allows students to be nourished, nurtured and enables them to grow holistically: spiritually, intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically. Embedded within a community of believers, teachers and staff share in the evangelising mission of the Church. They highlight the relevance of the Catholic Faith to students' lives and everyday culture.

Children and staff are expected to adhere to the following principles in order to create a happy and healthy learning environment:

  • Respect for Each Other
  • Respect for Learning
  • Respect for Safety

These three notions are viewed as the three guiding rules within the school.

All members of our community (staff, children, parents, clergy and visitors) have the right to:

  • feel safe and happy
  • be treated with respect
  • have school, personal property and the environment respected
  • respect people and property in the wider community
  • learn in a positive environment

Respecting each other involves forming positive relationships that show respect for the dignity of the human person and using good manners.

Respecting learning involves participating actively in learning and being responsible for producing quality authentic work as well as contributing to an environment conducive to others learning.

Respecting safety involves being responsible for safe and inclusive play, playing within school play areas, proper use of facilities, adhering to the "hands off" rule and stewardship.

Our school is a very caring and supportive community with a strong focus on social justice. St Patrick's students have supported, through fundraising and other activities, a number of organisations and events: Project Compassion, Charitable Works Fund, Catholic Mission, Mary MacKillop appeal and St Vincent de Paul Christmas Hamper and Winter Appeals.

Caring for our environment and our commitment to being good stewards of our earth are reflected in our Nano Rangers Team. The team was developed to foster awareness and action towards the care for creation in the community and promote the Papal Encyclical Laudato Si' which calls all humans to heal, protect and care for our common home. The name of the team originates from our charism inspired by our founder Nano Nagle, the Foundress of the Presentation Sisters.

The Nano Rangers aim to raise awareness and encourage all within the school and wider community to develop attitudes that show care and concern for our environment.