About Us | Vision and Mission

Our Motto

"Nourish, Nurture, Grow in Christ"

At St Patrick’s we Grow in Christ through embracing and sharing in the new evangelising mission of the Catholic Church committed to the religious education and faith development of each child.

At St Patrick’s we Grow in Christ through nurturing the continuous development of the whole person and nourishing an active faith, integrity and Catholic values.

At St Patrick’s we Grow in Christ through building a quality Catholic learning community strengthened by respectful relationships with students, teachers, parents, parish and the wider community.

Vision Statement 

At St Patrick’s Catholic Primary school we are committed to being a school which is welcoming and inclusive. We collaboratively foster and live our school motto to Nourish, Nurture and Grow in Christ through a holistic education. Our actions continue Jesus’ evangelising mission of love, justice and peace enlivened by the Charism of the Presentation Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Mission Statement 

In fulfilment of our vision we as a Catholic community aspire to foster:

  • A commitment to the Catholic faith, Charism of the presentation sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary and our school motto through prayer, liturgy, sacraments and action.

  • Excellence in education that is relevant, purposeful and engaging, inspiring each student to achieve their personal best.

  • Healthy life choices and skills such as resilience, problem solving and perseverance.  

  • Responsiveness to Catholic Social Teaching, demonstrating active concern, care and responsibility for themselves, others and the environment, expressed through engagement with Catholic Charities, outreach programs and wellbeing initiatives.