Grandparents Day at OLA

posted 5 Nov 2015, 16:56 by Siobhan Van Den Nieuwenhuizen

Friday 6 November OLA celebrated its very first Grandparents Day.  What a wonderful celebration this was, as so many Grandparents, those who take on the role of Grandparents and families were able to join us.  We began with a beautiful liturgy where we were able to give thanks to God for our Grandparents, those for those who are near, far away or who have already passed away.  Our Grandparents then had a tour of the classrooms.  The morning concluded with a lovely morning tea provided by our OLA families and a performance by the OLA children.  All the children sang Count on Me by Bruno Mars and the Year 1/2 children recited a beautiful poem:

Thank you for just being you

For making life more bright

More rich in love and laughter

More rich in wisdom and delight.

For everything you've shared with me

Adventures big and small

Your warmth, your stories and your smile

I'm grateful for it all.

I feel you're always there for me

And wanted just to say

You are always in my heart

Each and every day.

Grandparents' Day Reflection

Term 3 at OLA

posted 13 Sep 2015, 19:46 by Siobhan Van Den Nieuwenhuizen

It certainly has been a term of many firsts and wonderful celebrations of learning and our community.  Here is a little look back…

Term 3 at OLA

OLA Reaching out to the Community

posted 20 Jul 2015, 01:08 by Siobhan Van Den Nieuwenhuizen

Once again the OLA community have shown their generous spirit with the wonderful fundraising efforts for St Vincent DePaul(SVDP). The children had a wonderful day, which began with the children wearing their Pyjamas and making a gold coin donations in the OLA heart. The money raised allowed us to buy sleeping bags for the homeless. The children then participated in a number of activities where they learnt about SVDP and the significance of our Red Colour Day being held on Friday for the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The children also made cards to be given out by SVDP volunteers when they give the sleeping bags to the homeless. A big thank you once again for all your support.

OLA Official Opening and Blessing

posted 20 Jul 2015, 01:00 by Siobhan Van Den Nieuwenhuizen

Last Term, Friday May 1, Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Primary school celebrated its official Blessing and Opening. This is the 150th systemic Catholic school of the Sydney Archdiocese. Archbishop Anthony Fisher led us in our celebration, and this was his first school to open and bless in the Sydney Archdiocese. The Archbishop brought the children’s attention to Our Lady - Mary, and her ‘yes’ to God. He also spoke of the importance of being happy and Holy people of God. We were also joined by a number of very special guests including Dr Dan White, Executive Director of Sydney Catholic Schools, a number of Directors from the CEO, Members of Federal and State Parliament, and local government and many other Principals and educators from Catholic education in Sydney. It was wonderful that so many of our families could join us on this special day.  Our ceremony finished with the children of OLA singing, for the first time, the OLA School Song.

For an extra glimpse of the events of the day, this article appeared on the ‘About Catholic Schools’ Website:

OLA First Family Gathering

posted 26 Jan 2015, 22:01 by Siobhan Van Den Nieuwenhuizen

Our first OLA Family Gathering was held at Bicentennial Park on a very bright and sunny Sunday afternoon in late November. We organised it for the week before student orientation so that our children could meet and interact in a social environment and see some familiar faces prior to the orientation days.

There were approximately 20 families that attended and braved the very warm weather. Each family brought with them their own food, drinks, picnic blankets and activities to keep the children entertained.

The adults mingled and shared stories about their children and our OLA schooling journey so far, and we all spoke about the exciting times ahead.

Some children played on the play equipment, a few enjoyed kicking the soccer ball with some of the dads joining in, while others were content sitting in the shade drawing and colouring.

It was a great day and an ideal opportunity for those that attended to meet with other families who will be attending OLA in 2015.
Sandra Sasso and Rosanne Spagnolo (Kindy Parents)

School Uniforms

posted 30 Jul 2014, 21:00 by

We have finalised our school uniform and accessories for 2015. Have a look at some of the designs sketches. Details on availability and how to order coming soon.

About Catholic Schools Article: Brand new school about to open

posted 22 Jun 2014, 17:17 by

It is just as well that Cathy Young loves challenges. There will be no shortage of them during the next 12 months as she leads a new bustling and thriving school community as the start-up Principal of the Archdiocese of Sydney's 150th school – Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic School (OLA) North Strathfield.

teenagers playing with football
"It is such a privilege to be given this amazing opportunity, I know it is going to be such a busy time - but bring it on, I say!" - Cathy Young
teenagers playing with football
teenagers playing with football
Families tour the site and meet the principal of the new school, Sasso family (top) and the Spagnolo family.

"It is such a privilege to be given this amazing opportunity," Mrs Young says. "I know it is going to be such a busy time - but bring it on, I say!"

The brand-new school will open in 2015 with an expected two Kindergarten classes. There is also growing interest in a combined Year 1 and 2 class, but a decision on that to be made shortly.

Located next to North Strathfield railway station, OLA will face unique challenges to create a learning environment centred on imagination, innovation, curiosity, love of learning and excellence.

"Learning doesn't occur in a particular way or in a particular space, as we may have previously believed," Cathy Young explains. "Learning can occur 24/7, anywhere, in any space – so at OLA we are creating learning environments to reflect this kind of thinking."

After completing six years as Principal at neighbouring school St Ambrose Concord West, Cathy spent two years working as the Head of Gifted Education at the CEO Sydney. That time reinforced in her mind just how important it is that learning focuses on each individual student.

"Once we accept that learning starts with the student, the process can become transformative. At OLA, our aim will be to maximise the learning opportunities for all of our students, regardless of their ability, experience achievement and success," she said.

Enrolling parents Sandra and John Sasso are excited that their son Marco will be in the first intake of students at OLA.

"When we had the interview with Mrs Young, we immediately knew that this was the school for our son Marco," Mrs Sasso said. "After that one meeting, I immediately felt there was trust. My husband John and I believe that it will be an amazing school because of Cathy, and because of her ambition and her positive energy."

Joe and Rosanne Spagnolo, whose daughter Montana is enrolled for next year, says that, for them, it was also the interview with Cathy Young that made up their mind for them.

"We think Cathy Young is absolutely fantastic and we were drawn by the vibe – that helped us decide on OLA. We applied to another school, but decided that this is what we wanted for Montana as it would suit her personality. She is quite shy and reserved, so we think that she won't be overwhelmed by it."

Cathy is adamant that from day one, there will be an emphasis on continual improvement at OLA.

"We will not do mediocrity! No exceptions! What excites me most of all is we will all be part of a vibrant learning community – students, teachers and families, all working together. How good is that?"

For inquiries about enrolment opportunities at OLA, go to their website

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