For Parents

Why choose St Patrick's Catholic Primary School?

Responding to the needs of the community, St Patrick's Catholic Primary School is committed to providing a warm and welcoming environment that will inspire students to excel and make a positive difference in their world.

St Patrick's Catholic Primary School is set apart by:

    • A focus on wellbeing to nurture individual needs and foster each child's love for learning

    • A holistic approach in developing each child in partnership with parents, the parish and the local community

    • New facilities and modern technology designed, built and fitted to support authentic learning

    • Flexible and contemporary learning spaces that will encourage innovation, imagination, independence and problem solving

    • Reflection of Gospel values in all learning and teaching practices.

Our School Song

STP school song lyric video.mp4

Our School Prayer

Christ be our vision…

Stay with us today

Help us to be kind in our work

and in our play

Christ be in our hearts...

In all that we do

To keep each other safe

And love each other too

Christ be all around us...

In everyone we see

Inspire us to learn

And be all that we can be

St Patrick


Mary Aikenhead



May Christ guide you in all your doings- Mary Aikenhead