Vision and Mission

Our Vision for Learning

As a community journeying in faith we:
search with our eyes wide open 
  • seeking truth and meaning in God’s Word
  • encouraging risk takers
  • using innovative problem solving and critical thinking
serve with humble hearts 
  • through developing our personal faith and love of Jesus
  • valuing diversity and personal learning.
soar as ambassadors of Christ
  • being challenged to live and celebrate our faith and achieving through high expectations.

Our Mission

St Pius, a community journeying in Faith as we:

We search for the truth by fostering a love of learning by valuing:

  •  academic achievement  so that all children reach their full potential

  • a dynamic and challenging curriculum that develops creative, critical thinkers

  • perseverance, resilience and risk taking

  • a personal commitment to learning

  • communication, collaboration and reflection

We serve our diverse St Pius community by valuing:

  • parents as the first educators of their children

  • engagement with the local community encouraging respect and appreciation

  • links to the Parish community especially the sacramental programs

  • service to the poor and disadvantaged

  • environmental stewardship

We soar as a nurturing Catholic community of strong and living faith by valuing:

  • the message of Jesus as central to our lives

  • involvement in the life of the parish and Sacraments

  • the Charism of the Mercy Sisters

  • our Catholic beliefs, values, practices and traditions.

  • partnership with parents, parish, local and wider community groups.