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Workplace, Health and Safety (WHS)

posted 13 Aug 2014, 23:02 by   [ updated 13 Aug 2014, 23:03 ]

Parents please contact any of the following staff members if you notice any Workplace, Health and Safety issues. 

Our WHS team is led by Mrs Colagrossi and Mr Baydoun and on the team are Mrs Taylor, Mrs Ross, Mr Tesoriero, Mrs 
Rebelo, Mrs Massaad and Mrs Antoniadis.

Child Protection

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Please be reminded that:
No parent can approach another child as this is in breach of our Child Proection Act. Any concerns must be directed to your child’s classroom teacher, our Parent Liaison Officer or the Assistant Principal.

No parent is to approach another parent on the playground regarding concerns with friendships or behaviour. All problems must be directed to the staff.

No parent is allowed to take photographs or videos of other students due to child protection and privacy laws.

Please refer to the following policies on our:
  • Website –
  • Pastoral Care Policy
  • Parent Handbook
  • Child Protection Information for Parents
  • Anti-bullying Policy
  • Complaints Handling and Grievance Policy

Extra Extra

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The Daily Telegraph on Saturday 9 August will feature our school. Bruce (reporter) and Justin (photographer) will present an article on Authentic Learning and Contemporary Classrooms. 

Our school was chosen by the Catholic Education Office as we offer a holistic education meeting the needs of all our students inclusive of digital pedagogy and contemporary learning spaces.

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