At St Paul of the Cross Catholic Primary School we focus on quality learning and personal excellence for all students. We 
strive to challenge our students to become the best learner they can. Teaching programs are developed to nurture a love 
for learning and cater to the learning needs of students in the twenty-first century. Authentic learning experiences provide opportunities for the diverse needs of each students capabilities and passions. This is made possible through a broad curriculum.

We offer the following programs to target student needs:

  • Staged Learning  
  • Inquiry Based Learning
  • Personalised Learning
  • Discovery Learning
  • Enrichment Groups
  • Aboriginal Education
  • Boys Education
  • Reading Recovery
  • New Arrivals
  • Artist in Residence
  • Languages Program
  • MultiLit
  • Mathletics
  • Special Education
  • Numeracy Intervention
  • Ambassadors of Peace 
  • Habits of Mind
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • 9 week Transition to Kindergarten 
  • Steps to Success Maths 
  • Sports Clinics
  • Daily Fitness 
  • Mini Vinnies
  • STARS Values Education
  • Athletics
  • Gymnastics
  • Swimming
  • Music
  • Band  
  • Choir
  • Care Now


                                              Learning Designs

The St Paul of the Cross Learning Designs have been developed to encompass:
  • celebrating being Catholic in today's world,
  • research on child development,
  • importance of partnership between school, home, parish and community,
  • contemporary approaches to teaching and learning,
  • relevant assessment of skills and knowledge,
  • student wellbeing,
  • adherence to BOSTES syllabuses,
  • a stimulating, supportive and nurturing environment.