About Us

School Prayer

Father in Heaven,
We thank you for the gift of life.
We thank you for our parents who love and care for us
We thank you for our friends and our teachers who share our days at school.
Help us to grow more like your Son Jesus as we work and play together.


School Song

Chorus: Each one brings a different colour, Each one sings in a different way, And as one we weave a cloth of many colours Together living Jesus’ way.

  1. By morning’s light, we join our friends
    And come to share another day,
    To live and learn at work and play
    And thank our God for what He sends.
  2. We pray St Paul’s may never cease
    To teach the truth, so we may stand
    For what is right, and make our land
    A place of justice, love and peace.
  3. Cool of evening ends the day,
    At home we rest as night draws near,
    With friends and family, safe from fear,
    We wait to greet another day.

School Pledge

'We the students and teachers of St Paul of the Cross accept people of all races, cultures, religions and gender.
We understand that name calling and put downs are hurtful and disrespectful.
We will not tolerate this behaviour in our school.
We follow the example of Jesus by treating all people with respect, kindness and