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Catholic Schools Week 2018

posted 31 Jan 2018, 19:59 by Jennifer Crippin   [ updated 20 Feb 2018, 16:30 ]

Catholic Schools Week 2018 is being celebrated between 5th March - 9th March.   You can collect your enrolment package from Monday 5th March.

All welcome to come along to St Patrick's Open Day and view our school on Tuesday 6th  March between 11.30am - 1.00pm.  

Yr 1 Celebrating Spring

posted 31 Aug 2017, 16:38 by Jennifer Crippin   [ updated 31 Jan 2018, 19:57 ]

Yr 1 celebrating the beginning of Spring by decorating our stairway with their beautiful 
painted flowers.

This is the day the Lord has made:
We will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24 NKJV

Grandparent's Day

posted 7 Aug 2017, 19:32 by Jennifer Crippin

On Friday 28
th July, Year 2 led the school community in a beautiful liturgy to celebrate all our amazing grandparents. Following the liturgy, all the grandparents were invited into the classrooms to have a look at all the wonderful teaching and learning experiences their grandchildren have been a part of.  The grandparents were also invited to stay at school during the lunchtime break to enjoy lunch with their grandchildren. It was incredible to have so many grandparents join us for this lovely celebration. It was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate all the lovely things our grandparents do for us.

Chick Hatching Program in Year 2

posted 30 May 2017, 22:08 by Jennifer Crippin

This term Year 2 have been exploring the Science unit 'Watch It Grow'. On Monday 29 June, the students were very excited for the arrival of 10 fertilised chicken eggs. They were lucky enough to observe the chicks hatch in an incubator on Tuesday. The chicks have now been moved into a brooder box which contains a heat lamp to provide warmth for our little feathery friends.

The Chick Hatching Program is running for two weeks. During this time, the students will be exploring the life cycle of a chicken and learning lots of information about these interesting animals. They will also learn how to care for the baby chicks and will definitely be able to have lots of gentle cuddles with them. 

Indigenous Art Day

posted 22 Feb 2017, 19:56 by Jennifer Crippin   [ updated 22 Feb 2017, 19:58 ]

On Monday 20th February, the students at St Patrick’s participated in an Aboriginal Education Day. Eve and Brian from Wandana, a Sydney based company, who specialise in Aboriginal education, visited to work with the students. Using non tokenistic activities the students explored areas of Aboriginal culture and its people in song, dance, didgeridoo, art, history and storytelling. We started the day with a Reconciliation Prayer, Acknowledgement of Country and traditional smoking ceremony. Throughout the course of the day, each and every child from Kindergarten to Year 6 contributed to a St Patrick’s Aboriginal style artwork. The completed work was then presented to the school community at an assembly.

The artwork captures the true essence of the School, Church and community. At the centre of the painting can be seen St Patrick’s Church. The large U shapes represent the teachers and parents of the school. The small U shapes are the students and the children of the school community. The 21 colourful U shapes represent the original 21 students when the school was established in 1862 and the multi cultural aspect of the School Community. Both these large & small U shapes are in the School colours and inspired by St Mary of the Cross.


KIDSMATTER LAUNCH 28 November 2016

posted 26 Nov 2016, 21:19 by Susan Bracken

Come along to the KidsMatter Launch at St Patrick's on Monday 28 November.
It will be a great day.
All students, staff and families are asked to wear brightly coloured mufti clothes, including closed in shoes and a hat.
At St Patrick's ... "Kids really do matter!"


posted 12 Mar 2015, 18:52 by Jennifer Crippin   [ updated 12 Feb 2017, 13:46 ]

We extend a warm invitation to families who are looking for a quality Catholic School in Kogarah for their Kindergarten child in 2018. We will be holding an Open Day on Tuesday 7 March between 12.30-2.30pm for you to come and visit St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School and see the school in action, meet staff and students, participate in a guided tour provided by our senior students and collect an Enrolment Pack for Kinder 2018.

We look forward to welcoming you to our wonderful school.

Open Day 5.jpg

NRL Dragons visit St Patrick’s

posted 12 Mar 2015, 18:51 by Jennifer Crippin

This term the St Patrick’s children were fortunate enough to have a visit from the St George Dragons NRL officer and two players, Kris and Isaac. They presented an assembly for the whole school on ‘Wellbeing’. Wellbeing is a focus in our school this year where we focus on the physical, emotional and mental health of all members of our school community. The presenters explained the importance of positive relationships, healthy eating and physical activity while getting children and teachers involved in trivia and clips of popular Dragons players. We thank the St George Dragons NRL club for promoting this important issue at St Patrick’s and know the children benefited greatly from their visit.

Chicks arrive at St Pat’s

posted 12 Mar 2015, 18:48 by Jennifer Crippin   [ updated 12 Mar 2015, 19:14 ]

The Year 2 students had the wonderful joy of experiencing new life, right in their classroom, with the hatching of the chicks. The students have been learning all about chicks and using amazing vocabulary to describe them and to explain the hatching process. They have had a chance to hold them and have really loved the experience.

Year 6 Excursion

posted 12 Mar 2015, 18:46 by Jennifer Crippin

On February 24th Year 6 made their journey to NSW State Parliament in Macquarie Street. They visited the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council, where they learnt about how laws are made and the process of passing a law in NSW.  The students also visited the War Memorial in Hyde Park to honour the fallen soldiers of World War 1. They gained a deeper understanding of the conditions endured during conflicts, in particular during WWI and the history of the ANZAC War Memorial.


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