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Yr 6 Excursion to ANZAC War Memorial

posted 3 Apr 2019, 20:10 by Jennifer Crippin

After our visit to State Parliament, Year 6 attended the ANZAC War Memorial. The students participated in a theatrical performance about the connection between a soldier and his horse. This performance was an adaptation of Morris Gleitzman’s book ‘Loyal Creatures’.

Following the performance the students participated in a creative writing workshop where they were able to create a fictional story based on images taken during WWI. The students then participated in a guided tour of the ANZAC War Memorial where all of their inquisitive questions were answered .



Yr 6 Excursion to State Parliament

posted 3 Apr 2019, 20:04 by Jennifer Crippin

On Tuesday 2nd of April, 2019, Year 6 went on an excursion to State Parliament. During this excursion the students participated in role plays where they proposed the bill of whether students should attend school on Saturdays.

Throughout this experience students were invited to take on the roles of Speaker, President, Premier, Leader of the Government, Leader of the Opposition, Sergeant-at-arms, Usher of the Black Rod, Clerk, Minister for Education, and Shadow Minister for Education. 

Bullying No Way! Safe Australian School Together

posted 3 Apr 2019, 19:59 by Jennifer Crippin

Friday 15th March was National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence. St Patrick’s Primary School supported this special initiative on Monday 18th of March, due to our annual St Patrick’s Day celebrations on Friday. This was our sixth year in supporting ‘Bullying No Way Day’ and our students were part of an amazing group of over two million students Australia wide

Kindergarten Prayer Reflection

posted 3 Apr 2019, 19:55 by Jennifer Crippin   [ updated 3 Apr 2019, 20:00 ]

On Tuesday 2nd April parents joined Kindergarten in a prayer reflection on Easter.  They then helped the children to make an Easter Candle for their prayer space at home. It was wonderful to see so many parents join us.


Japanese Primary Online Program

posted 24 Mar 2019, 19:12 by Jennifer Crippin

Japanese  日本人- Katy Gilles from the Japanese Innovation and Development Teaching and Learning Team at SCS visited the school this week to introduce the Japanese Primary online Program that all students in Years 3-6 will be participating in this year.


130 Year Parish Celebration

posted 24 Mar 2019, 19:03 by Jennifer Crippin

On Sunday 17th March the Parish of St Patrick’s at Kogarah held its postponed 130 Year Parish Celebration. The newly renovated and refurbished Church was consecrated by The Most Reverend Anthony Fisher, Archbishop of Sydney during Mass at 12pm. Despite the weather, many people gathered and witnessed one of the most ancient and rare ceremonies - the consecration of altar and Church. 

St Patrick's Day Celebrations

posted 24 Mar 2019, 18:57 by Jennifer Crippin   [ updated 24 Mar 2019, 18:59 ]

On Friday after the Mass, due to the weather, our picnic in Todd Park was cancelled, however we spent our day in fun activities in classrooms and around the school. Our feast day was a memorable one. It was an opportunity for students to play, to create some beautiful artworks and take some time to learn more about the history of St Patrick’s Day. 

St Patrick's Day Mass

posted 24 Mar 2019, 18:51 by Jennifer Crippin   [ updated 24 Mar 2019, 18:59 ]

On Friday 15 March The Most Reverend Anthony Fisher, Archbishop of Sydney, celebrated our St Patrick’s Feast Day Mass. The day was a very special one with our school and Parish communities coming together in prayer and festivities. His Grace stated that the singing of the students was wonderful and he expressed his delight in our Blessing and School songs, even joining in with the actions. Archbishop Fisher addressed the school community afterwards and spoke of the true bond that he had witnessed between School and Parish.

Archbishop Anthony Fisher visits our Parish and School

posted 24 Mar 2019, 18:37 by Jennifer Crippin   [ updated 24 Mar 2019, 18:42 ]

On Thursday 14 March we received a visit from The Most Reverend Anthony Fisher, Archbishop of Sydney. His two day visit with Monsignor Henryk Micek involved visiting the school. During his time within the Parish he spoke to the students and met with teachers at our school.

Yr 1 Celebrating Spring

posted 31 Aug 2017, 16:38 by Jennifer Crippin   [ updated 31 Jan 2018, 19:57 ]

Yr 1 celebrating the beginning of Spring by decorating our stairway with their beautiful 
painted flowers.

This is the day the Lord has made:
We will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24 NKJV

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