For Parents

Parents play an integral role in the life of St Patrick’s school. As the first educators of their children in all aspects of learning: - spiritual, academic, social, physical and emotional, we acknowledge the important part parents play in the development of early knowledge, skills, values and attitudes. We aspire to work in partnership with the parent community so that the children experience a strong bond between home and school.

At St Patrick’s, the parents are always encouraged to be involved in the everyday life of the school through various activities, and the contribution they make to the fabric of the school is highly valued. Some ways that parents can be involved are:

  • Morning Assemblies
  • Class prayer assemblies
  • Class Liturgies and Whole School Masses
  • Community celebrations such as St Patrick's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandparent’s Day, Education Week, Book Week, Christmas and Easter Reflections
  • Swimming and Athletics carnivals
  • Library helpers
  • Class helpers
  • Attending excursions
  • Parent Information sessions
  • Sacramental programs
  • Open classrooms
  • Parents and Friends Association (P&F)
  • School Advisory Council
  • Attending social events
  • Participating in fundraising initiatives

The strength of the home-school relationship is very important and communication is key. There are many ways in which the school communicates with parents on a range of topics. Newsletters, notes and updates regularly come home and are emailed to parents to keep them informed of the day to day functioning of the school. Assemblies and information evenings provide a face-to-face opportunity to share information with parents. Meetings between parents and teachers provide a most important link to keep parents informed of their child’s learning. We provide a variety of formal and informal opportunities for parents to meet with teachers to discuss their child's progress throughout the year.

St Patrick's uses Skoolbag as a convenient form of communication between home and school. Simply download the St Patrick's Kogarah Skoolbag App following the instructions at