Vision and Mission

Our Vision Statement                                St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School we commit ourselves to
a Catholic school which...

  • is founded on the person of Jesus Christ
  • is committed to the development of the whole person works in
    partnership with the family and parish community
  • serves others with justice, love and hope.

Our Mission Statement

At St Patrick's, Jesus is central to all we do and we are inspired by St Mary of the Cross and St Patrick, models of 'Prayer and Work'.

Celebrate our Catholic Faith
We celebrate faith through prayer, liturgy, giving thanks, embracing our Catholic traditions and proclaiming the Word of God.

Inspire life-long learning
We provide a challenging, supportive and stimulating learning environment which celebrates success, whilst allowing students to reach their spiritual, academic, emotional and social potential.

Nurture quality relationships
We nurture quality relationships based on Catholic values which accept, support, value and respect all members of our school community.

Work in partnership
We value and promote partnership with students, staff, families, parish and the wider community.