For Parents

Parent Community

The parent community is committed and supportive of the school and teachers, and involved in many practical ways in the classrooms and in whole-school activities. Parents recognise and value the role that they play in the education of their children and aim to strengthen the partnership between family, school, parish and the wider community.

We have an active and enthusiastic Parents and Friends’ Association (P & F) which assists us by organising events that build community and raise funds to supply some of our resources. The P&F also runs the second-hand uniform shop. Parents are encouraged and welcomed to assist in any way they can. The Executive of the P & F meets once each term, and there is a general meeting every term. At these meetings relevant school-related issues are discussed and plans for future social activities and fundraising are made.

Key Needs of the School

An Annual Plan is devised and reviewed each year, focusing on key needs within each area of priority. Our focus is on pedagogy – the art of teaching to cater for the diverse needs of students. Ensuring that high quality teaching and learning occurs is a major focus.