About Us

St. Michael’s Catholic Primary School is a single-stream parish school in the Inner Western Region of Sydney. The school was established in 1912 in the St Michael’s Parish Church. The first school building was opened on 18 June 1916. An extension was added in 1977. The original building was demolished in 1996 to make way for an administration building, classrooms, library and hall. In 2011, further reconstruction occurred under the Building the Education Revolution (BER) which has transformed St Michael's into an engaging, exciting and stimulating learning environment for all students.

The buildings are noise ameliorated and have reverse cycle air conditioning. The school was originally staffed by the Sisters of Mercy (Parramatta Congregation) until the end of 1964 when they handed over administration to the Grafton Mercy Congregation. The first lay Principal took over leadership of the school in July 1993. The school has the use of Weekley Park for lunchtime play each day. The school is well resourced in terms of technology and curriculum support materials.


St Michael’s Stanmore provides a highly engaging and interactive learning environment including:

  • a multipurpose hall
  • interactive whiteboards in all classrooms
  • broad range of technology including iPads, MacBooks, Chromebooks and laptop access for all students
  • vegetable garden
  • a well-resourced and vibrant Library.