About STEM

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In 2016, the students began to participate in STEM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Once a week, children in Grades 1-6 receive between 60 and 90 minutes of instruction designed to:

  • promote scientific enquiry and technological thinking
  • encourage collaboration
  • nourish curiosity and a sense of wonder
  • provide engaging hands-on experiences
  • foster effective communication

During the early sessions of STEM, passers-by may have noticed children:

  • considering how to build the highest structure using just plastic cups and pop sticks
  • working out how to make simple electrical circuits using aluminium foil, batteries and light bulbs
  • observing, describing and explaining how sultanas move in fizzy water
  • sketching the Eiffel Tower and reflecting on the challenges faced by engineers  -- then and now – who plan to build the highest structures

STEM classes accommodate 16-18 students.

A mark for Science and Technology is provided at the end of each semester based on performance in the STEM class.

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“The hand is the cutting-edge of the mind”
— Jacob Bronowski