Vision, Mission and Values

At Mary’s School North Sydney – We Aim for a Global Voice

Our Mission

At St Mary’s we AIM to:

  • Aspire,
  • Inspire, &
  • Make a Difference.

At the heart of St Mary’s School Community is our Catholic faith, nurtured in the diverse traditions of our founders, where learning opportunities inspire and empower all to be people of hope. We aspire to make a difference in the world, through our values of acting justly, loving tenderly and walking humbly with our God.

Our Vision

Our Vision is a "global voice" i.e., to create an environment that fosters:

  • a love of God
  • a passion for Learning
  • a variety of Opportunities
  • a sense of Belonging to a community
  • a desire to Achieve and
  • a will to Lead through our ‘Voice’ learning principles.

Voice Learning Principles

Our ‘Voice’ Learning Principles enable all in our school community to have an authentic, responsible and active voice through:

  • Prophetic Voice: seeing the possibilities, through a lens of hope and justice, to create a better future
  • Inspiring Voice: engaging and encouraging our school community to have courage and be the best we can be, aware of our interdependence and connectedness
  • Informing Voice: deepening knowledge through exploration, critical analysis, synthesis and cognitive thinking
  • Empowering Voice: enabling our school community, within a framework of responsibility, to take risks, innovate and make a difference personally, locally and globally.
  • Reflective Voice: developing creative and critical thinkers, constantly seeking to improve through active reflection and evaluation.

Our Core Values

Our core values and culture underlay our Mission, Vision and Learning Principles, woven from the diversity and traditions of our Founders, Jesuit, Marist, Josephite and Mercy.

Our core values are:

  • Our Catholic Faith and Spirituality
  • Collaborative and inclusive
  • Encouraging and empowering
  • Personal, social and environmental responsibility
  • Valuing the uniqueness of individuals
  • Compassion and humility
  • Empathy and respect
  • Wonderment and awe
  • Self-belief and persistence for the extraordinary.