Principal's Message


Dear Parents,

Welcome to our school community. This is a school whose basic belief is that God loves us and we are called upon to respond to Him in love, thanks and praise.

The school does not replace the home but compliments it, in the education of your child. It is important that you continue to take an active part in your child's education, particularly in the development of his/her faith. If you choose to enrol your child in this Catholic School, it means you realise the importance of the faith dimension in life. At this school, the teachers will assist in what you have begun at home.

If you choose to enrol your child at this school, you will be invited to attend educational functions arranged by this school. Your participation will encourage your child in seeing that you are actively involved in his/her education. Other communicative gatherings include parent/teacher interviews, meetings and other social events and require your presence.

In achieving our goals, we are committed to the academic and spiritual development of our students. We wish to ensure the development of well-rounded citizens who can confidently make a positive contribution to our Australian society, a contribution that reflects Jesus' message of joy, love, justice, peace and forgiveness.

There is a reverence here for people and an acknowledgement that God loves us all and that, through whatever difficulties life presents we are always people of Hope. That is something that should characterise us, always.

Beverly Coffey

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