For Students

All our students have the right to enjoy a safe, happy, stimulating and inclusive environment where they are valued for who they are.

Student Wellbeing

At St Margaret Mary’s we believe that children, staff and parents share rights and responsibilities to ensure that personal, academic, social and spiritual growth take place in a supportive, affirming and safe environment. We do this through our Pastoral Care Program. ​Our school has implemented programs to encourage positive social behaviours and problem solving skills. These programs include Buddies, Bounceback and Student Awards.

Children are expected to contribute responsibly to a safe school environment. We depend upon one another for the conduct of our school. Rules and regulations are kept to a minimum and are there to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our students.

Student Leaders

St Margaret Mary’s students are valued for their contributions they make to our school community.

Student leaders for the following year are voted in by the students in Years 4 and 5 during a Leadership Day. Two students in Year 6 are voted in as School Captains. Students also vote for House Colour Captains.

In addition each Year 6 student takes on an area of responsibility such as Environment Team, Welcoming Team, Social Justice Team, Fundraising Team or Education Team. As well, each class votes for Student Representative Council members each term.

These students are involved in a variety of school activities such as weekly assemblies, sport carnivals, committees, and delivering special occasion addresses.

Extra-Curricular Activities

St Margaret Mary’s students are offered a wide variety of extra-curricular activities.

These student opportunities include:

  • Italian, Spanish and Mandarin
  • Classical Piano
  • Keyboard
  • Chess
  • Band (woodwind, brass, percussion)
  • Guitar
  • Inter-school sporting competitions 
  • Pilates