For Parents

The St Margaret Mary’s school family has an active and supportive parent body. Parents work in partnership with teachers to help children reach their potential.

The St Margaret Mary’s Parents and Friends Association meets each term to co-ordinate fundraising and social events for the school community.

The Principal's Advisory Council is composed of a number of parent representatives, as well as the Priest and the Principal. The Advisory Council meets each term to assist the school in achieving its goals. It seeks feedback from the school and parish community.

Parents and Friends

The Parents and Friends of St Margaret Mary’s meet once a term. As well as fundraising for the school, they promote friendship and co-operation and assist with any projects which may be beneficial to the school.

The Executive of the P&F communicate regularly with the Principal and provide feedback and support about school improvement.

The sense of belonging evident in our school community is also enhanced by each grade having designated class parents to organise school and social events.

Family Educator

St Margaret Mary’s is fortunate to have a Family Educator. The role of the Family Educator is to nurture strong and meaningful parish/parent/school relationships and to explore new models of supporting the spiritual, social and educational formation of families.

There are four domains in which the Family Educators work to do this. They are:

  • connecting/reconnecting/enhancing the faith life of parents
  • connecting/reconnecting/enhancing families to the faith life of the school
  • connecting/reconnecting/enhancing families to the faith life of the Parish
  • enhancing family wellbeing.

The Family Educator is based in the primary school, is responsible to the Principal and works closely with the Parish Priest. Effective communication is maintained with the school leadership team, school and parish staff, and parents.