Our School

School Prayer

May St Brigid bless this school where we learn and pray.
Bless every class, every teacher and every parent.
Bless every heart that beats beneath its roof, and every tongue and mind forever more.

Bless every hand that works to bring it joy, and every foot that walks through its doors.
This is my wish today, my constant prayer.

May St Brigid bless this school that shelters us.

St Margaret Mary's is a systemic Catholic school located in Randwick North, close to Centennial Park and Queens Park.

St Margaret Mary's has at its heart the values of justice, love, inclusion, peace and stewardship. Our school was founded in 1956 to meet the needs of the new parish of St Margaret Mary's. The charism of the school is drawn from the Brigidine tradition to reflect the founding Religious Order of the school and from the spirituality of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, the congregational order of our Parish Priest.

While small enough to be 'like a family', we offer pathways for our students to excel in all areas - academic, sporting and creative. Our team of highly qualified teachers offer a curriculum that is differentiated and aims to meet the needs of the individual. Programs such as Learning Support, Reading Recovery and Gifted Education enhance the learning opportunities for all. Specialist teachers are employed to teach Physical Education, Information Technology and Creative Arts.

A range of technologies, including access to laptops, interactive whiteboards and Lego Robotics, support learning. Extra-curricular opportunities exist for learning classical piano, Italian, chess, keyboard and guitar. There is a school band and students can learn any one of a wide range of band instruments.

The school's pastoral care policy is founded on the principles of Restorative Justice, respect, inclusion, responsibility and accountability. The resilience and wellbeing program, Bounce Back, is taught from Kindergarten to Year 6. The school has a very supportive parent body and an active Parents and Friends Association. There is also a School Advisory Council with membership from the school, parish and the CEO Sydney.

At St Margaret Mary's our Vision for Learning is 'Climbing the Tree of Life-long Learning.' This phrase captures our belief that learning:

  • continues for all of life
  • is best when built on strong foundations
  • occurs through collaboration and cooperation
  • is best when we recognise that each learner follows different and unique pathways to achieve his/her personal best.

St Margaret Mary's is a small school with a big heart, where our relationships with God and with one another are nurtured and celebrated.