For Students


At the discretion of the class teacher, home activities will be set for pupils.  The nature, extent and frequency of which will have regard to the needs of individual children:

                   ...       to consolidate daily school work;

                   ...       to ‘tie together’ the school and home as bases for education;

                   ...       to develop good study habits.

 Each teacher will share his/her class homework policy with the parents at the first parent meeting of the year.  Times set aside for homework should not exceed the following guidelines:

          K-2              30 minutes

          Yrs 3 & 4      45 minutes   

          Yrs 5 & 6      1 hour

In setting patterns for home study it is important for the parents to know the homework policy of the school and the particular class procedure.  A specific time and place needs to be arranged at home.  The time should not be directly after school as children need to burn off energy.  The place used for homework completion should be away from distractions, e.g. T.V.  Parents should monitor whether the child continuously goes over the maximum times indicated for each grade.  The child may be working far too slowly, may be experiencing problems or indeed has too much homework.  These concerns should be raised in a letter to the class teacher.  If the homework period becomes a time of stress for both child and parent, this also needs to be discussed with the teacher. 

Whether the child has set homework or not, the homework time should be maintained so as to help the child establish and develop more effective study habits.