The school's enrolment policy is consistent with the Sydney Archdiocesan Catholic School Board's Document.  We welcome enquiries about enrolment at any time during the year so please contact the school (see the below 'Contact Us' link).  

Priority is given to Catholic families. If there are sufficient vacancies, non-Catholic families and families who reside outside our catchment area may be offered a place in the school. Click here for a map of our catchment area.

Enrolment forms can be downloaded and printed here. Completed forms can be posted to 2 Hughes Street, West Ryde, emailed to info@smpsmeadowbank.catholic.edu.au or dropped into the school office.

Enrolment Application Information here

Important CEO policies are all located at https://sydcatholicschools.nsw.edu.au/for-parents/enrolment/

Please also read this letter for more information regarding the enrolment process.  

Other school based policies are located under the For Parents Tab of this website

Protocol for Enrolment of Students with Diverse Learning Needs

Copies of all information relative to the specific learning needs of the student applying for enrolment must be disclosed to the school.

Examples include any of the following:

* Paediatric reports related to medical conditions,
* Therapeutic interventions,
* Psychometric assessments,
* Speech and language clinical reports or
* Occupational therapy reports.

In the case of Kindergarten enrolments, staff from our school and the Sydney Catholic Schools Office may visit the preschool of the student applying for enrolment to discuss educational matters.

If the enrolment application is successful:

* The above documentation must be updated as further assessments occur or as additional information becomes available.
* It is essential that parents/carers co-operate when the School Principal or delegated teacher may need to discuss the educational support of the student with the relevant practitioner.
* This information may be forwarded to the Sydney Catholic Schools Office in order to ascertain possible additional education support.
* The special needs information supplied during the course of enrolment within a Catholic school will be forwarded to another Catholic school, if enrolment is sought at that school (e.g when moving from Primary to Secondary school, or moving from one Primary to another etc.).
* It is essential that parents/carers co-operate with the Principal in obtaining appropriate medical/educational/behavioural assessments or advice in relation to the student’s educational progress.