What is BYODD?

Bring Your Own Designated Device (BYODD) is a program where students bring their own device to school.  This device is specified by the school and brought to school for the purpose of supporting and developing student learning, engagement, problem solving and creativity.  The purpose and rationale behind the introduction of a BYODD model is in response to the increasing role of technology in students' lives and the role digital texts and digital citizenship play in the new Australian Curriculum and the world in which our children live.   Greater access to a device will also ensure that all students can access the curriculum at their level, learn in ways that best suit their individual style, be able to show their understanding in a variety of formats, work collaboratively with other students and teachers, access up to date information, access work from home or school, work in a more creative and inspiring learning environment and be better prepared for High school and the life in an ever increasing technological world.  

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Welcome to the St Margaret Mary's
 'Bring Your Own Designated Device' site.  The purpose of this site is to provide parents with information around the BYODD model.  

This site will provide you with a one stop shop for all your BYODD questions and queries. 

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