Learning Support Programmes

At St Michael’s the needs of the learner are catered for through a range of programs. Reading Recovery, Special Needs and Intervention specialist teachers work with individuals and small groups of students to support specific learning needs.

Literacy & Numeracy Support

The Literacy & Numeracy support occurs across all classes from Kindergarten to Year 6 and is designed to cater effectively for the diverse learning needs of all our students.The emphasis of the program is on supporting the individual learning needs of the students. The support varies from withdrawal in some cases for specific lessons, differentiated programs and small group work.

Reading Recovery

A one-to-one intensive reading intervention program designed for students in their second year of schooling. Working with a specially trained Reading Recovery teacher, students participate in daily sessions with the aim of accelerating the student's literacy progress to a level equivalent to the class average.

Lunch Club

This social skills program is run once a week for small groups of students to help them develop their skills in coping with different social contexts. The aim of the group is to teach specific social skills in a relaxed, fun way to further assist them in dealing with playground and class social situations.


The Seasons Program is designed to support children experiencing grief and loss due to separation, divorce, death or trauma. Children participate in eight sessions with a trained tutor in a small group situation with other students.


The school has access to a counselling service which provides support for students experiencing difficult situations; anxieties or relationship issues.