Religious Education is at the core of all our teaching and learning. It informs and influences all learning and is an integral component of all Key Learning Areas.

The Archdiocese of Sydney Religious Education Curriculum is provided through REOnline, providing teaching and learning opportunities for teachers to use with their students. The texts, "To Know Worship and Love" are used as a classroom resource to support the curriculum.

At St Michael's, as in all Public Schools and Catholic Systemic Schools in NSW, we follow the NSW Board of Studies Syllabus requirements for the education of children in NSW. The Board of Studies has a syllabus for each of the learning areas. Along with a defined aim, each syllabus has a set of objectives and outcomes, expressed in terms of knowledge and understandings, skills, values and attitudes.

As from 2014, all schools in NSW will start moving towards the implementation the NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum, with the key learning area of English to be introduced first.

Parent Guides to the NSW Syllabus Documents for the National Curriculum can be found here.